Enjoy an invigorating thai yoga massage with our massage therapist, Joanna Warren

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage fuses the benefits of massage and yoga. It is a powerful treatment stretching and massaging […]

One of our clients enjoying a hot stone massage with Joanna Warren

Hot Stones Massage

Hot stone massage, is an wonderfully relaxing treatment, using warm basalt stones. The stones are laid on the […]

Rob Blackie, one of our therapists, working on a client's sports massage

Sport Massage

Sports massage is perfect for those who want a deeper massage, perhaps to help them to recover from […]

Freeride ski jump

Back in action!

Back pain affects the vast majority of people at some point in their lives. The affects of back […]

Stretches for cyclists

For all you keen cyclists out there, please take some time to watch this video by our Sports Massage Therapist, […]