Sports Massage

Sports massage treatment can help to release muscle tension. This reduces aches and pains caused by tight muscles and soft tissue sports injuries.

Improve your performance and encourage soft tissue healing by using Sports massage to aid your recovery from injuries. It can also give you time out of training to relax and get ready for a competition. It’s entirely up to you whether you want your sports massage performed on a specific area or the whole body. Our therapists adapt how firmly they apply pressure according to your needs.

Young man wearing a Karate outfit kicking his foot out to one side

Sports massage can also benefit those of you who are not sporty but who enjoy a firmer massage. Our therapists work with a wide range of clients from elite athletes to those who have manual jobs. These clients find that a deeper massage helps them to cope with the physical demands of their work. We regularly help people who practically live at the office and who have muscular pain. This pain is exacerbated by their sustained poor posture and long hours at their desk.


Tailored Sports Massage Treatment

At Stretch, we design your treatment especially for you. Whether you would prefer a full body, deep tissue massage or some work on a specific problem area, we will accommodate. During your assessment we will ask you to tell us about yourself and your injury or problem. During your initial assessment, we will also take a full medical history and ask you about your lifestyle, so that we can fully understand what the problems are and work out how best to help you. We always discuss our treatments with you, ensuring we fully explain everything. Our aim is to use all the information that you give us to design you the most effective massage treatment in order to get you out of pain and back to doing the things that you love as fast as possible.

A senior gentleman enjoying some strenuous mountain-biking

Our sports massage isn’t a set routine; at Stretch, we design your treatment to be specific to your current needs, which may change on a session by session basis. We may use a mixture of sports massage, myofascial release and soft tissue release, as well as muscle energy, trigger point and stretching techniques. We will also give you some after-care advice and exercises to help you to maintain the benefits of your sports massage treatment.


Stretch’s  sports  massage therapists

Our team has a wide range of experience, such as Psychology and Sports Science Degrees. All of our sports massage therapists are highly trained, due to their completion of a broad range of courses. Our therapists regularly update their skills, attending further courses and taking part in teaching sessions at our clinic in Writtle.




Alex Hardwick competing in dressage championships

Alex Hardwick is our highest placed GB rider and is currently ranked number 9 in the FEI world rankings for under 25s.





Customer: Alex
Rated: 5 stars


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the sports massage session that I had with Rob on Wednesday. I had a really great session and it has helped me so much! Stretch Physio is a fantastic practice! I suffer from tension in my shoulders due to riding up to 10 horses each day. Rob has really helped to loosen this up and I felt the difference right away. That along side the exercises he has given me, I feel ready for my competition this weekend! They have a great professional attitude and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.Big thank you to Stretch Physio!”






Ramsey Kechacha professional weightlifter

Customer: Ramsey Kechacha
Rated: 5 stars


“As someone who competes in Weightlifting, sports massage is as much a part of my programme as getting in the gym. Rob always does exactly what’s required to get me fixed and moving again and shows great attention to detail every time I see him. I have the utmost trust in Rob, the service he provides and everything he advises me to do on my own and I will continue to work with him through the rest of my sporting career and beyond. Thank you for keeping me in one piece!”



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