Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage promotes relaxation and well-being and can help your body adjust to the demands of pregnancy.

At Stretch, we offer pregnancy massage from the second trimester. Pregnancy massage may help to reduce muscle pain linked to some pregnancy-related lower back and pelvic problems. Massage therapy eases muscle tension, helping you adapt to the changes that your body is going through.

Massage can also help you to feel good throughout your pregnancy. The application of massage treatment will reduce your stress levels by giving you time to yourself, lowering noradrenaline and cortisol (your stress related hormones) and promoting relaxation through the release of dopamine and serotonin (your feel good hormones). Our clients have found that massage treatments help them to prepare for childbirth and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Pregnancy massage can reduce swelling of the lower limbs, caused by water retention during pregnancy. We can also improve the circulation and oxygenation to your muscles and soft tissues. However, the main aim of a pregnancy massage is to pamper you with some much needed time to yourself, leaving you feeling relaxed and able to enjoy your pregnancy.


Stretch’s pregnancy massage therapists

Massage during pregnancy can help relieve stress

Jo, our Pregnancy massage therapist, is highly experienced in Massage and Holistic Therapy. She also has a particular interest in massage during pregnancy and has undertaken specific pregnancy massage training. Jo has a strong understanding of the factors that need to be considered when treating you during your pregnancy. She will pay particular attention to your position, the oils used and the physiological changes that your body is going through. If you have any pregnancy-related musculoskeletal issues, she may recommend that you see one of our Physiotherapy team, who specialise in the management of women’s health, ante- and postnatal musculoskeletal problems.

Please note that anyone who has recently experienced any bleeding, pre-term contractions, or have any of the following conditions should speak with their doctor or midwife prior to receiving treatment:

  • High risk pregnancy
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)
  • Preeclampsia
  • Previous pre-term labour
  • Experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure, or sudden, severe headaches.


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