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Acupuncture is one of many methods we apply within physiotherapy as an integrated approach to the management of pain and inflammation. We use it to trigger the body’s healing chemicals to aid recovery, enhance rehabilitation and improve quality of life. Research supports the use of acupuncture, particularly in the management of pain. 

Pain Relief

Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, naturally easing pain throughout the body.

Enhanced Sleep

By promoting the production of melatonin, acupuncture helps improve sleep patterns and overall restfulness.

Better Mood

The treatment increases serotonin levels, which can boost mood and contribute to a general sense of well-being.


Our Approach to Acupuncture

The Stretch approach to acupuncture is integrated into physiotherapy to enhance pain management, inflammation control and overall rehabilitation. Tailored specifically to individual needs, the treatment involves an in-depth assessment at the clinic to identify the source of symptoms and select appropriate acupuncture points. These points are strategically chosen based on the patient's specific pain areas and overall body meridians—pathways in Traditional Chinese Medicine believed to be channels for the flow of energy, or Qi. The approach is supported by clinical and research evidence, aiming to expedite recovery and optimize the effects of other physiotherapy treatments while minimising side effects.


Your accupuncture

questions, answered

  • Do I need to visit my doctor first to get a referral?
    No, you may self refer by contacting us directly either by telephone or e-mail. However, GP and Consultant referrals are also welcome.
  • How long is each treatment session?
    Please allow 45 minutes for your initial assessment and treatment session. Follow-up treatments are also 45 minutes. If a longer appointment is needed in order to deal with multiple complex issues, a double session will need to be booked and paid for.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Most people tend to need between 4 and 5 sessions of treatment but this depends on the specific nature of your problem. Your Physiotherapist will be able to indicate how many sessions may be required following your assessment but ultimately the number of sessions needed, will depend on your progress.
  • What should I wear?
    Please wear comfortable clothing and be aware that as part of your Physiotherapy assessment and treatment you may be asked to undress. Please bring shorts if you have a lower limb problem and a vest if your problem is with your neck or upper limb.
  • How soon after the onset of symptoms should I seek treatment?
    We prefer to assess you as soon as possible but generally recommend an appointment at least 48 hours after an acute injury. Please feel free to ring for advice in the event of an injury and one of our Physiotherapists will be able to advise you what to do and when you should come in and see us.
  • How do I pay?
    Payment is required by cash, cheque or bank transfer at the time of treatment. Receipts can be provided if required.
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